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The Light Bringer by White Eagle
White Eagle Lodge

The Light Bringer by White Eagle


The Ray of John and the Age of Intuition

The question of whether there is to be a new world teacher for the Aquarian Age, and who he or she will be, has fascinated men and women for a hundred years and more. Will the teacher manifest as a human being? Will he or she be a teacher to be found in our own hearts? What will be the message of the new teacher? Will his or her coming be accompanied by great changes and cataclysms? Is the new teacher already here?

In this fascinating book, which will open the heart as well as the mind, White Eagle not only seeks to answer these questions but to take our understanding further. He speaks of the Light which can shine through any human vehicle and how it is brought to humanity by direct command from the ageless brother-sisterhood of life. He also talks about developing intuition - changing within - and why we can watch changes in the world and the planet with true faith and calmness, knowing through inner assurance the absolute wisdom of the plan.

As always White Eagle speaks with total love and wisdom. Behind the book is the sense that every human being has within them the power to change their life and to live in absolute assurance that they are loved, protected, and cannot make mistakes. All life leads forward. Beyond the immediate change we can embrace, is the promise that we may one day leave death right behind.

A sister book to White Eagle's THE LIVING WORD OF ST. JOHN. In both books the wisdom is age-old, but profoundly new, to take us a further stage in our spiritual development.

149 + xxvi pp flapped paperback

23.4 x 15.6 cm


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