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The Book of Star Light by White Eagle
White Eagle Lodge

The Book of Star Light by White Eagle


The perfect gift!

'It is from the quietness of the heart that the light of the Star radiates across the world."
"Like a seed which contains within it the blueprint of a perfect flower, each one of us has within us the memory of our own perfect being." White Eagle

The Book of Starlight offers a focus or symbol which will help everyone rediscover the vision which leads them towards perfection. In finding this vision, a remarkable power is released which can make the individual a channel for the healing of others and of all humanity. Above all, the book of star light brings inspiration - and delight. Every time you center yourself upon a symbol that recalls perfection you create transformation. Such a symbol is the six-pointed Star. Using the Star as the focus, each saying in this book calls upon remembered wisdom in all of us - creating in us the power to bring healing and transformation to our lives and the world.

Beautifully illustrated in vibrant colour washes and gold stars throughout, this book is a handy size for pocket or handbag and can be opened at any page for help and inspiration.

120 + viii pp., hardback
15.5 x 10.5 cm


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