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Jesus, Teacher and Healer by White Eagle
White Eagle Lodge

Jesus, Teacher and Healer by White Eagle


White Eagle’s teachings provide the reader with an esoteric and mystical picture of the life and ministry of Jesus. Jesus is a person who lived a life not unlike our own, but is also the perfect manifestation of the Christ spirit alive within each one of us. In this book Jesus takes on new significance: at one moment he is the eternal healer of our hearts and at another, a teacher of great vision, relevance and power.

There are chapters on who Jesus was and is from a spiritual point of view; the outworking of divine law; the sayings and parables of Jesus. A major section of the book is given to a mystical interpretation of traditional Christian teaching. The book closes with a chapter, ‘In the Aquarian Age’, the age towards which Jesus’ teaching leads us.

White Eagle brings a vision of the great healer and teacher whose simple love has been a universal inspiration—not only to those who work within the Christian tradition. This book is also a useful source of readings for services and for meditation.

Second Edition 2000

156 + xx pp., flapped paperback
18.6 x 12.3 cm


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